While our products currently share 98% of the same source baseline, we currently have two distinct offerings:

  • harpoon SaaS

  • harpoon On-Prem

harpoon SaaS

This is a hosted solution online that deploys any software dynamically to an AWS account. You provide the AWS account and we manage all of the virtual infrastructure and Kubernetes bits through the harpoon interface. You can access harpoon from anywhere and deploy and maintain your software at your leisure. harpoon SaaS is a multi-tenant solution that powers many businesses in a hybrid-SaaS model (e.g. our software, your account).

harpoon On-Prem

This is exactly what it sounds like. Instead of running a multi-tenant solution in the cloud, we are providing a single-tenant solution that runs only in your datacenter. Currently, harpoon On-Prem supports VMWare-based deployments and comes with software that bootstraps 100% of the installation of harpoon On-Prem itself. It also comes with all the necessary binaries to complete the installation process. Another nifty feature of harpoon On-Prem is that it runs just fine entirely offline, so if you want to run it in a completely air-gapped environment, you can!